Start with the free plans - upgrade as needed

All TurnKey Hub accounts start on the free plans for both cloud deployment and backup & migration. No hidden costs, no setup fees. You can upgrade or downgrade at any time. Plan changes are even prorated. There is no markup on Amazon usage fees. You will be charged the standard usage fees directly by Amazon for EC2 Cloud server usage and S3 backup storage

After you sign up you pay Amazon directly for EC2 cloud server time and S3 backup storage

EC2 server usage fees options

EC2 server usage fees Starting at $0.013/hour for a cloud server with 1GB RAM

S3 backup storage fees options

S3 backup storage fees Only $0.03/GB per month for ultra-durable cloud storage

“A simple way to get applications running fast, out of the box.”

- Karl Walsh

“Been looking for something like TurnKey Linux for a while now.”

- Don Sanderson

“Gobsmacked at the sheer effort that went into the Turnkey library.”

- John Brown

Plans and pricing for deployments on Amazon EC2

free bronze silver gold platinum
Monthly Fee $0/month $20/month $40/month $80/month $160/month
Support Community Email Email Email Priority
Servers Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Server Sizes Micro Micro Small Medium Micro Small Medium Large Micro Small Medium Large X-Large Micro Small Medium Large X-Large

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the Hub with Amazon's free tier?

Yes. With the AWS free usage tier customers new to Amazon's cloud services automatically get 750 micro server hours per month free for up to a year. In a bid to get more users to try out their platform Amazon is giving away over $200 in value! For frequently asked questions regarding the free usage tier, see this page.

Can I reduce costs with reserved instances?

Yes. You can pay up to 76% less by purchasing reserved server capacity up-front. In exchange the hourly usage rate is heavily discounted and server capacity is guaranteed to be available when you need it.

Am I charged for running servers that I don’t use?

Amazon doesn't monitor how you use the servers you run on their cloud service. You pay for the cloud resources you consume even if those resources are wasted, the same way you pay for the electric energy that keeps the lights on even when you are out of the room.

How do I track my cloud server usage?

The Hub tracks cloud server uptime and can send you a weekly or monthly e-mail summary. You can also download detailed usage logs from the Amazon Web Services website.

What if I use a server for less than an hour?

Server time is metered in hourly increments so you will still get charged for a full hour.

How do I estimate server costs in advance?

Amazon charges you for server time, storage and bandwidth, in proportion to usage. Full pricing details are listed on the AWS website. A handy calculator is also available.

Unlike traditional hosting plans, you only pay for what you use. Cloud usage patterns are limited only by your imagination. For example, running a single server for 24 hours costs the same as running 24 servers for one hour.

Plans and pricing for backup & migration on Amazon S3

free STANDARD business
Monthly Fee $0/month $10/month $40/month
Support Community Email Priority
Backups 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Storage Costs $0.03/GB per month $0.03/GB per month $0.03/GB per month

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I estimate backup costs in advance?

Before you backup a server you can run a dry-run simulation in the Webmin interface which reports how much data you have but storage costs are so low this is rarely worth worrying about.

A full server backup uploads just 10KB worth of compressed, encrypted storage for a freshly installed server, because TurnKey backups only keep track of the changes you care about - new data and server customizations.

What happens if my payment method is invalidated?

Amazon supports payment by credit card and bank account. We recommend heavy users add a bank account as their payment method, as it's usually more permanent than a credit card.

In any case, if your payment method is invalidated (e.g., cancelled or expired credit card), billing will fail and Amazon will attempt to contact you (e.g., by e-mail) to provide a new, valid payment method.

What’s the minimum Amazon will charge me?

There are no minimums. Amazon S3 is a true pay as you go service and they really will charge you just a few cents per month if that's all you use. For modest needs it's practically free.