1. TurnKey Backup: 1-Click Backup, Restore & Migrate

free STANDARD business
Monthly Fee $0/month $10/month $40/month
Support Community Email Priority
Backups 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Storage Costs $0.03/GB per month $0.03/GB per month $0.03/GB per month

“A simple way to get applications running fast, out of the box.”

- Karl Walsh

“Been looking for something like TurnKey Linux for a while now.”

- Don Sanderson

“Gobsmacked at the sheer effort that went into the Turnkey library.”

- John Brown

2. TurnKey Apps: Streamlined cloud deployment on Amazon EC2

free bronze silver gold platinum
Monthly Fee $0/month $20/month $40/month $80/month $160/month
Support Community Email Email Email Priority
Servers Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Server Sizes Micro Micro Small Medium Micro Small Medium Large Micro Small Medium Large X-Large Micro Small Medium Large X-Large

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the Hub with Amazon's free tier?

Yes. With the AWS free usage tier customers new to Amazon's cloud services automatically get 750 micro server hours per month free for up to a year. In a bid to get more users to try out their platform Amazon is giving away over $200 in value! For frequently asked questions regarding the free usage tier, see this page.

How are my billing details protected?

We leverage Stripe to handle our billing, an industry leading payment processor who processes billions of dollars worth of transactions for thousands of companies. Integrated with end-to-end encrypted from browser to Stripe, your credit card details never touch the Hub. Click here for more details.

Have more questions, see the FAQ page.